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    The New Zealand Curriculum Framework requires students to study a broad balanced curriculum based on the essential skills: communication, numeracy, information, problem solving, physical work and study, self-management and competitive skills, social and co-operative skills.
    The Curriculum identifies eight learning areas:
  • English
  • Learning Languages
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Social Science
  • The Arts
  • Health and Physical Education
    The Mahurangi College Curriculum is delivered by eight faculties based on these learning areas. Each faculty offers year long courses. The College Curriculum offers a broad education. It encourages students to accept increasing amounts of responsibility for their own learning as they progress. Mahurangi College will ensure that students endeavour to work to their potential and allows students to plan their educational programme in the senior school.

    In Selecting a Programme Students Need to Ask Themselves:

  • What qualifications do I want to gain while at school?
  • What qualifications and courses do I need for tertiary study or for the work I hope to do when I leave school?
  • Does my subject selection provide enough flexibility to change courses or direction in the future?
  • Will I be appropriately challenged and have a good chance of success in this course?
  • Do I have the prerequisites for the course?
  • Have I discussed my preferences with my parents and teachers (whanau, subject teacher, Head of Faculty, and deans and guidance staff)?

    Do Not Select Subjects For The Wrong Reasons, such as:
  • You like or dislike a teacher!
  • You have a friend in the class!
  • You think it's a boy's/girl's subject!
  • You think it might be too difficult!
  • You don't have anything else to do!

    Key Points To Note:
  • Courses will only be provided if there are sufficient student enrolments. If necessary, related courses will be amalgamated to form a viable class size.
  • Mahurangi College will endeavour to accommodate student subject choices. It will develop a timetable structure that best meets the requirements of the greatest possible number of students.
  • Multi-level study is an essential component of the college curriculum. Students may study at any of the different levels. However, any student wishing to study at a higher level must have the approval of the appropriate Head of Faculty.
  • Students must meet all course prerequisites or have written Head of Faculty approval.
  • Some subjects require students to pay material fees; these fees vary from subject to subject.
  • Some subjects have field trips as part of their course and students must be prepared to participate and pay the appropriate trip costs.
  • All subject material fees must be paid by 31 March of the year.
  • All subject material fees listed are an approximation only.