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    NCEA Guidelines, requirements and planning for levels 1, 2 & 3
    Senior school is exciting; it is where students choose their own programme. Students are encouraged to choose a broad and balanced programme. Keep in mind there are a few compulsory subjects in levels one and two. When selecting your course of study, you should consider:
    • Achievement and success are more likely when you are interested in the subject!
    • Subjects have value for content and the development of skill both specific and generic. Every subject you study does not have to relate to your future career. Beginning a lifelong interest is valuable.
    Planning my course
    Whether you are not sure of the career or tertiary study you want to pursue, or you haven’t a clue, keep your selection broad in year 11 at least. Think about the following:
    • Useful subjects: Every subject will enrich you by offering knowledge, and developing a range of skills that have value.
    • Recommended subjects: these subjects are related to further courses of study or choice of career that you wish to pursue.
    Compulsory subjects:
    These subjects provide the essential building blocks of knowledge and skills. You must have these subjects in order to gain entry into specific courses either at school or tertiary level
    • Study at school - some subjects have prerequisites at each senior year level.
    • Study at tertiary level - compulsory subject requirements exist in some areas especially applied sciences eg. Engineering, Psychology
    • Apprenticeships - some have compulsory requirements in Mathematics, English eg. electricians
    Prerequisites and eligibility
    Within school our learning areas may have prerequisites for their subjects. You will need to check:
    • The prerequisites for entry into each subject.
    • The level at which the subject stops.
    • The number of credits generated by each subject.
    • Whether the subject offers Achievement Standards or Unit Standards.
    • Whether or not the subject is an approved subject for university.
    If in doubt about your eligibility for entering a subject, in the first instance discuss with the Head of Faculty who can also offer entry by special approval. You could also meet with the Head of Year who can give you advice about career and subject choices.
    Please note, courses will only be offered if there are sufficient enrolments. If necessary, related courses will be amalgamated to form a viable class. Some subjects require students to pay material fees and some subjects include a field trip that is part of the course work with related fees.